Post Graduate Certificate Program Course in PIPING Engineering

About Faculty:

At weLITEN, our faculty members are qualified with experience of successfully executing many complex & critical projects while working at MNCs and various industry sectors. This experienced team will share their valuable technical & practical knowledge to students to develop their skills and will boost their confidence & knowledge by exercising various tasks & assignments.

Our aim is to develop skilled manpower to meet industry requirement by providing proper trainings & utilising specialized field experience & knowledge.

Piping Engineering Syllabus/Course content:-

1.Introduction to Piping Engineering:

  • Roles & responsibilities of Piping Engineer in Plant Design & Layout, Stress analysis, Material selections, Procurement support, Fabrication & Construction support, Site/Field Engineering

  • Interface with other dept. /branches of Engineering.

  • Piping engineering deliverables and Inputs required performing Piping Engineering activities.

  • Understanding P&ID, PFD, Process Equipment & their functioning, Vendor drawings & documentation

  • Statutory Regulation & Safety, Ergonomics, Local rules & guidelines, Project Design basis/Specifications

  • Practices, assignments and tests

2. Design & Drafting:

  • Basic learning for preparation of 2D layouts, 3D design, Isometrics etc.

  • Practices, assignments and tests

3. Piping elements, Valves & Materials:

  • Pipes, pipe fittings, flanges, gasket, valves and speciality items

  • Application of Codes & standards

  • Basics of Materials, Preparation of Piping Material Specifications (PMS), MTO/BOM

  • Valve: Types, Inspection and Test, Preparation of Valve Datasheet, Valve Procurement etc.

  • PT rating and Pipe thickness calculation as per ASME B 31.3

  • Practices, assignments and tests

4.Development of Equipment Layout, Plot Plan:

  • Practices, assignments and tests

5. Nozzle orientation & Preparation of Piping layout/GAD for various process & utility systems:

  • Rack piping

  • Columns/Drums/ Vessels/Reactor piping

  • Tankfarm piping

  • Heat Exchanger piping

  • Compressor Piping

  • Pump Piping

  • Underground piping

  • Utility station piping

  • Flare & PSV piping

  • Practices, assignments and tests

6.Pipe Supports:

  • Type of Standard Pipe Supports

  • Fabricated Pipe supports, Secondary pipe supports

  • Spring, Hanger, Special pipe supports

  • Selection of Pipe supports

  • Pipe support MTO/BOM

  • Practices, assignments and tests

7. Preparation of Isometric drawings:

  • Title box, Drawings & Dimensions

  • Shop & Field welds

  • Fabricated/shop MTO/BOM

  • Installation MTO/BOM

  • Pipe Supports

  • Other details: PWHT, PMI, NDT, Press. Testing, Paint & Insulation etc.

  • Practices, assignments and tests

8.Stress Analysis:

  • Basics of stress analysis,

  • Critical line list

  • Flexibility analysis

  • Stress analysis using CAESAR II software

  • Selection of Pipe support types, Springs, Special pipe supports

  • Case studies of pipe stress analysis

  • Practices, assignments and tests

9. Material Handling, Fabrication, Installation, MC & Commissioning:

  • Material handling philosophies, preparation of reports

  • Cutting, Welding, Fabrication, Assembly and Erection/Installation of Process Plant Piping

  • Paint/Surface coating

  • Examination, Inspection and Testing of prefabricated piping spools and installed piping systems.

  • Insulation types & installation

  • Preparation of Prefab, Demolition & Installation Work Packages

  • Mechanical completion checklist, Pre-Commissioning & commissioning activities

10. Software information:

  • 3D modelling software e.g. SP3D, PDMS, PDS, Solidworxs etc.

  • 3D review software e.g. Smart Plant Review, NavisWorks etc.

  • AutoCAD, Microstation

  • CEASER-II, AutoPIPE etc.

11. Model Reviews, Cost Estimation, Plan & Schedule, Progress reporting, Technical Requisition etc.


12. Final Test


13. Certification for Post graduate program course in Piping Engineering.