Energy audit:​

For our valuable clients, we render value added services such as ENERGY AUDIT. These services are mainly used for clients, who are conscious about the energy consumption and are interested in conserving energy. Further, these services are rendered in accordance with the requirements and expectations of the clients.​

  • Preliminary Energy Survey to estimate the energy saving potential​

  • Comprehensive Energy Audit for the entire plant​

  • Energy Audit for specific equipment viz. Compressors / pumps / fans / Electrical system etc.​

  • Energy Audit for Commercial Buildings/Complexes etc.​

  • Implementation services like Design, Details engineering, and Supervision.​

  • Measurement and Verification service before and after to establish Energy Saving achieved.​

  • Energy Conservation Training & Awareness programs.​

  • Power Quality Audit​

  • Electrical Consultancy for New Installation / Improvement in Existing system. ​

  • Electrical safety audit.​

  • Earth Resistance Testing/ Measurements by Digital Clamp on Earth Tester.​