Multi-disciplinary detail engineering:​

  • Process​ Engineering

  • Piping Engineering

  • Mechanical​ Engineering

  • Civil & Structural​ Engineering

  • Instrumentation​ Engineering

  • Electrical​ Engineering

Process Engineering:

  • Preparation of PFD’s, P&ID’s, Equipment Process Datasheets, Instrument Process Datasheets etc.​

  • Line Sizing, Equipment Sizing (Pumps, Compressors, Static Equipment, Pressure Vessels, Separators etc…)​

  • Hydraulic Calculation Report (HYSIS), Pressure Drop Calculations, Utility Calculation reports​

  • Valve Classifications, Operating and Control Philosophy​

  • Hear & Mass Balance, Steady State Simulations, Transient (Dynamic) Simulations​

  • Control, Shutdown, and Safe guarding Philosophies​

  • Process Cause & Effects, Safety valve & Flare network studies​

  • Technical Bid Analysis And Vendor Data review​

  • HAZOP & Safety Studies, Commissioning & Plant Troubleshooting.​

Piping Engineering:​

  • Engineering of In-plant Piping system and Pipe Support Design​

  • Development of Plot Plan, Equipment Layout, Piping Layouts & Isometrics​

  • Preparation of VDS, SP item datasheet, MTO/BOM, Piping material and Support Specifications​

  • Preparation of 2D drawings, Plant 3D Modeling and clash detection​

  • Piping Flexibility and Stress analysis​

  • Composite Dynamic analysis of Piping, Equipment and Structure system​

  • Offshore Platform and Sub-sea pipeline​

  • Revamp and modification engineering​

  • As Built Drawings​

Mechanical Engineering:​

  • Mechanical Design & Detailed Engineering of complete range of process equipment, Utilities, Storage tanks using the International Codes & Standard. ​

  • Generation of Rotating and Non Rotating Equipment Specifications, Data Sheets and Drawings.​

  • Equipment Sizing and Specifications.​

  • Stress, Thermal Analysis and Fatigue life evaluation of equipment using Finite Element Analysis.​

  • HVAC and Clean Room Systems.​

  • Preparation of Technical Bid for the Projects.​

  • Development of Fabrication Drawings & Nozzle Orientation Drawings.​

  • Material Certificates, WPS’s, and Welding Procedures​

​Civil & Structural Engineering:​

  • Design of Structures for various type of equipment for refinery, process, oil & gas plants.​

  • Design Calculations and preparation of detailed structural Drawings, fabrication Drawings and BOM​

  • Pipe Support Design and Drawings​

  • Access and Maintenance Platform Design Calculations and Drawings​

  • Design and Engineering of Skids and Modular Structures​

  • Structural 3D Modelling and automated fabrication drawing generation​

  • Rotating and Static Equipment Foundation Design and Drawings​

  • Development of Industrial facilities and related civil work.​

  • Road & Track Crossing Culvert Design Calculations & Drawings, Excavation Drawings, Fence Drawings​

  • Pipe Sleepers and Support Calculations and Drawings​

Instrumentation Engineering:​

  • Specifications and Data sheets for the Inline Instruments​

  • Instrument-Hook Up Drawings​

  • Interlock Logic Diagrams, Instrument Index/Schedule​

  • Cable Schedule​

  • Loop drawings​

  • MTO​

  • Operating and Control Philosophy​

  • Cause & Effect Diagram​

  • Fire & Gas System, Panel and Detector Design and Drawings​

  • Cable Route Layout​

Electrical Engineering:​

  • Cable Schedule and Calculations​

  • Earthing Calculation​

  • Single Line Diagram​

  • Wiring Diagram​

  • Substation Design​

  • Control Panel Design and Drawings​

  • Power Requirement Calculations​

  • High Voltage and Low Voltage Electrical Design​