Basic engineering, FEED, Concept study projects:​

Concept study projects:

The conceptual design is a study phase in which ideas and possibilities are evaluated. This phase results in a basic process concept, a preliminary schedule and a rough cost estimate. At weLITEN, we evaluate the process to assess its technical feasibility and economic viability for developing project scope as well as providing a well defined starting point for a more detailed process design.​


The basic engineering services offered by weLITEN consist of core documentation of projects, including process flow diagrams, heat & mass balances, piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), control & operational philosophy, basic equipment sizing, equipment specifications, conceptual equipment layout, etc.​

weLITEN’s basic engineering covers: 

  • Process studies, General design basis & specification for major equipment.​

  • Process flow sheets, heat & material balance.​

  • Preliminary PFD & P&ID development.​

  • Preliminary plot plans, equipment layout, civil & structural information drawings.​

  • Utility consumption figures.​

  • Definition of control & safety devices, Analysis & sizing of Safety Valve, Control valve hydraulics​

  • Electrical load list, instrument list.​

weLITEN’s Concept designing covers:

  • Concept development​

  • Conceptualization of Process Schemes​

  • Concept refinement​

  • Preliminary Process Flow Diagram (PFD)​

  • Overall Heat and Material Balance (HMB)​

  • Conceptual Layout​

  • Rough Cost​


weLITEN’s FFED packages cover:​

  • Basis of Design.​

  • Feasibility Study.​

  • Preparation of the specification.​

  • Mechanical data sheets of the main equipment​

  • Development of process and utility P&IDs ​

  • Preparation of tender packages for the main equipment.​

  • Development of detailed plot plans and hazardous areas.​

  • Elaboration of the main piping, instrument, electrical, structural and civil works layouts.​

  • Carrying out all the studies to be performed before ordering the main equipment.​